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Financially Fit after 40 founder Lea Ann Knight has appeared and been quoted in numerous media outlets.  She also writes the Money Expert column for All You Magazine, a Time Inc. national publication.




How to Cope with a Forced Retirement  Emily Brandon, U.S. News & World Report, May 23, 2011

Some people have an age or date in mind when they would like to retire. But when you retire is not always a choice. Many individuals find themselves forced into retirement earlier than they originally planned to leave their jobs.

Less than a quarter (23 percent) of workers plan to retire before age 65, but the majority (68 percent) of current retirees ended up retiring before reaching age 65, according to a recent Employee Benefit Research Institute survey.  Read more.

It’s Not Impossible to Pay Off Your Consumer Debt  Sean Teehan, Boston Globe, March 6, 2011

It starts small: charging a set of DVDs or using plastic to buy lunch at the local sushi place. The credit card bill comes, and you make the minimum payment. You charge more lunches, more DVDs, and maybe a new TV to watch them. The bill comes in, the minimum payment goes out, and the cycle starts again.   Read more .

The Feminine Edge   Bob Frick, Kiplinger, February 2011

World’s Work magazine in 1917 wrote, “The real guardian of a woman’s fund is an honest and skillful man, and probably the simplest recipe for safety is to find the man.” Such sexist currents about women and money flow blatantly through popular culture (Kiplinger’s ran a story in 1951 titled “How to Money-Train Your Wife”) until the 1970s, when they submerge.   Read more.

Fading Minds Ingrid Case, Financial Planning, January 1, 2011

Frank Moore, the chief investment officer at Vintage Financial Services in Ann Arbor, Mich., remembers a longtime client, a man in his eighties, who announced that he had won the Canadian national lottery. He wanted to wire funds to a Canadian brokerage firm in order to collect his prize.  Read more.

After Market Slide, What’s Your Next Move? Sarah Morgan, Smart Money, May 21, 2010

It finally happened. Market watchers have been talking about the possibility of a correction for months, but this week the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq each fell more than 10% below their most recent highs, meeting the traditional definition of a correction.  Read more.

Will Rising Rates Sink Your Portfolio? Robert Brokamp, The Motley Fool, March 19, 2010

If you believe that what goes down must eventually go up, if you believe that markets tend to return to their historical averages, or if you believe that investors will stop loaning money to profligate governments for such a small return, then you also believe this: Interest rates are going to go up.  Read more.


Yours, Mine or Ours?  Should Couples Combine Cash?  Eileen AJ Connelly, The Associated Press, Quad City Times, October, 2009

While the numbers for TV stars may have more zeros, this part of their bitter divorce fight reflects a big concern for couples from all walks of life: Is it better to mingle money or to keep finances separated?  Read more.

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